Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I bring?
A. Your ghoulish gear should include comfortable shoes, water, snacks, an open mind, and something warm to wear on the evening tours because the night brings chills. Someone you’d love to share a spectral experience with is optional but highly recommended!
Q. How long is the tour?
A. Approximately 2 hours but it can run longer if there is an experience that we need to document for future tours. There is also a bathroom break 1/4 of the way which can be waived if no one needs it however this is very rare.
st-monicaQ. What days are the tours running?
A. Everyday unless blocked out on our calendar.
Q. How far do we walk?
A. We will take a leisurely walk of about a mile. We will not be running.
Q. What should I expect from my haunted tour?
A. The experience is always different! Things you can count on are ghost stories and paranormal information, visits to reported haunted sites, and you will either watch one of your tour mates attempt to contact a spirit or it maybe you! (You will not be forced to try and connect with the dead but it does enhance the experience.)

Q. Is the tour appropriate for children?
A. Yes, but they are not allowed without a ghastly guardian and if they are wild and unruly they will have to leave. Not this earth, but certainly they will have to leave the tour and without a refund.
Q. Do I need a reservation?
A. Reservations are HIGHLY recommended.  If we don’t have you on the list you can still join us, but if there are no reservations we will not send a tour guide.
Q. Is the tour available in español?
A. Not currently.supernatural-building-2
Q. Are the stories made up?
A. Absolutely not. Never.
Q. Can I take pictures?
A. Definitely! We actually prefer if you do, because digital images can catch orbs, mists, and other phenomena.  And you can tag us on Facebook.
Q. What if it rains?
A. If the weather is looking dismal, we still walk!  Bring an umbrella if it’s looking misty.
Q. Where can I park?
A.  There are many garages near the 3rd street promenade. The closest to the beginning of the tour is Parking Structure 6 located at 1431 2nd St, Santa Monica.
Q. Can I leave the tour early?
A. You are not chained to us, however, there are no refunds for fleeing the tour early.
Q. Where do we meet?
A. Our meeting place is inside the Craftsman Kitchen and Bar located at 119 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401 their phone number is: 310-573-8426 and although they are the starting point of the tour they are not responsible for you making it to the tour.
Q. Where does the tour end?
A.The Haunted tour ends at a haunted restaurant,Michael’s; located at 1147 3rd Street, Santa Monica CA.  It’s also the last attraction of the tour.
Q. Do I have to pay in advance?
A. To ensure a spot on the tour advance purchase tickets are necessary.  But you can leave it to chance, but there are no guarantees.
Q. Can I pay cash?
A. We are currently accepting cash; however, the tour guide may not have changed so make sure you have the exact price for the tour.  Also, without paying in advance online your spot is not guaranteed!
Q. Are the tour guide gratuities included in the price?
A. No. The tour guides are paid by Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours. If you wish to tip them, you may! They will and are allowed to accept your tips. So if you have fun, let them know.
Q. How many people can go on a tour?
A. Tour groups go up to 25 people.  If you have a private party, we can arrange that for you too.

Q. If a tour is sold out can I get on a waiting list?
A. If the tour is full at all times on your date, simply pick another day / time and advance purchase tickets to ensure your admission.
Q. Is the tour wheelchair/stroller accessible?
A. It is possible to bring a wheelchair or stroller, but be warned that the trip returning up the Santa Monica Pier is STEEP and although there are no stairs it can still be a haul.
Q. Can I book a private tour?
A. Yes, private tours are available, call us for details.
Q. What if I paid online and then I don’t show up for the tour?
A. Currently we have no system for giving refunds.  So if you buy the ticket, take the ride!  We cannot be responsible for you not arriving on time.